The District performs defensible space inspections to reduce the impact of wildland fires. This season our agency will perform three types of inspections.

Free Property Inspections: Property inspections help residents create defensible space around their homes and structures. The District will provide homeowners with a report of our findings along with educational materials to help them comply with local defensible space requirements. If you are requesting an inspection and are not the homeowner, please download an Authorized Agent Form.

Educational Inspections: District staff will walk the neighborhoods and mail the results of their findings to homeowners. Staff will not come onto your property without permission so their surveys will not be complete. Therefore, the inspections are only educational and intended to help you identify defensible space issues which require your attention and give you an opportunity to comply with the law.

Mandatory Compliance Defensible Space Inspections: Homeowners can expect to receive certified mailings advising them of defensible space action needed to bring their property into compliance with California state law. Homeowners are given a 30-day grace period to complete the necessary improvements. The properties will be re-inspected and homeowners who fail to remedy the violations may face a citation.


  • A defensible space inspection must be completed prior to obtaining a tree removal permit.
  • A tree removal permit is offered for defensible space purposes only. Permits are not issued for other reasons such as disease, structural hazards or view enhancement. If a tree must be removed for one of these other reasons, visit TRPA’s website for more information.
  • The cost for a permit is $80 for each property.
  • TRPA allows removal of trees up to 14 inches in diameter without a permit.


  • The District provides a chipping service to residential customers, paid for through grant funding.
  • To request chipping, please make your request online.
  • Once you have requested chipping, work is performed according to area-specific zones.