Insurance Services Office (ISO) Public Protection Class

Meeks Bay Fire Protection District provides fire protection to several  communities along the  west shore of Lake Tahoe. The District through a management with North Tahoe Fire Protection District jointly staff our station. The District responds to requests for service ranging from structure fires, traffic collisions, vehicle fires, wildland fires, and medical aids. We are a small, semi-rural community made up of mostly residential homes and a few commercial occupancy structures.

The open space within and adjacent to Meeks Bay Fire Protection District is a mix of State Responsibility Area (SRA) and National Forest, USFS. The District participates in auto-aid agreements with all surrounding agencies including: North Tahoe Fire (Tahoe City and Kings Beach), North Lake Tahoe Fire (Incline Village, NV), Northstar Fire, Squaw Valley Fire, Lake Valley Fire, Truckee Fire, CALFIRE and USFS. Through these agreements and technology provided through Grass Valley Command Center -Fire Dispatch, the District uses a closest unit dispatch concept. This means, if one of our auto-aid partners’ engines is closer to you than our engine, they will respond when you call 911. This ensures the residents and businesses of the Meeks Bay area receive the quickest, most appropriate response to their emergency.

Meeks Bay Fire Protection District has an Insurance Services Office (ISO) Public Protection Class™ (PPC™) rating of 4. The  number is the rating for those properties within five road miles of a recognized fire station and within 1000′ of a fire hydrant. Any property over five road miles is a PPC™ 10. The PPC™ scale goes from 1 to 10; one being the best and 10 being insufficient protection. ISO has a newer product which they offer to insurance carriers to rate their susceptibility to wildfire called FireLine ™. It is a 1-30 rating schedule (1 being the best) based on the individual property’s specific characteristics and, unlike the PPC™, is not related to the community’s available fire protection service. FireLine ™ scores and Public Protection Class grading are sometimes confusing. For that reason we have included in a link below, an article comparing PPC™ and FireLine ™, and several other documents to assist homeowner and insurance agent inquiries related to homeowners obtaining fire insurance.

ISO Letter – 2018

FireLine ™ and PPC™ Comparison

Insurance/Wildfire FAQs

Insurance FAQs

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