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Is there a map showing fire hydrants?

The fire district does not own or service fire hydrants. They are either privately owned by the local water purveyor or owned by the public utility district in that area. You will need to find out who provides water services for the address in question, they will be able to provide the location of the nearest hydrant to that address.

If the property is serviced by TCPUD or NTPUD, you will need to go through them to obtain hydrant flow data. If the property is serviced by a private water purveyor, schedule the hydrant flow test with us by visiting our bookings page here. Private water purveyors allow the district to perform hydrant flow tests on their hydrants but the public utility district will perform its own hydrant flow test. 

To obtain the most accurate hydrant information, contact the water purveyor for your property. The water purveyors own and are responsible for district hydrants.