Protecting the Beautiful West Shore of Lake Tahoe

Attention West Shore Residents and Homeowners:

Since 2014, North Tahoe Fire Protection District and Meeks Bay Fire Protection District have worked cooperatively through a service agreement to provide enhanced emergency services to both Placer and El Dorado County residents and visitors.

The interagency agreement calls for a comprehensive review of the emergency service agencies’ performance and looks at future governance and cooperative opportunities. The two Fire Districts hired Emergency Services Consulting International (ESCI) to perform the study. As part of this study ESCI has mailed surveys to 2000 residents and property owners of the West Shore.

Residents on the West Shore should expect this survey from North Tahoe Fire and Meeks Bay Fire Protection Districts to arrive in the mail the week of 2/15-2/19. The survey is seeking input to help continue our high standard of service, as well as potentially improve service in the future. Surveys contain a self-addressed envelope for return to ESCI. We request that your input be returned by March 1st. Thank you for your participation in this valuable survey.


Mission Statement

The mission of Meeks Bay Fire Protection District is to be responsive to the needs of the people of our District with a progressive organization that provides the community with fire prevention, suppression, rescue, and emergency medical services in a competent and professional manner.

Through a contract agreed upon in 2014, North Tahoe Fire Protection District provides a full-time chief officer and management of Meeks Bay’s firefighters and staff for fire protection, training and administrative duties.

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