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Serving the Beautiful West Shore of Lake Tahoe


Mission Statement

The mission of Meeks Bay Fire Protection District is to be responsive to the needs of the people of our District  with a progressive organization that provides the community with fire prevention, suppression, rescue and life safety, and emergency medical services  in a competent and professional manner.

Values Statement

Integrity ~ Loyalty ~ Pride ~ Professionalism ~ Service ~ Teamwork ~ Vision

We, the members of the Meeks Bay Fire Protection District, in carrying out our mission, hereby make a commitment to...

  • Integrity - Exercise honesty, self-discipline, and behave in a manner above reproach.

  • Loyalty - Without exception, express our loyalty to:
    • The Citizens of the Meeks Bay Fire Protection District (our customers);
    • Our Fire District;
    • Each Other; and
    • The Fire Service

  • Pride - Evidence pride and enthusiasm that is won through our daily efforts.

  • Professionalism - Strive to maintain our highest level of performance through leadership, dedication, cooperation, education, training and technology.

  • Service - Provide a high quality of service by seeking to first understand and, in turn, meet the needs of the community in a fair, consistent, and effective manner.

  • Teamwork - Accomplish common goals by all individuals working together.

  • Vision - Accurately anticipate the changing needs of the community and to successfully meet those needs.

To register your cell phone for emergency notifications, go to:
El Dorado County Sheriff
then scroll down toward the bottom of the page to:
Register your phone to the new EDSO-OES Alert Notification System.