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Serving the Beautiful West Shore of Lake Tahoe


Annual Pancake Breakfast

July 4th & 5th

8am to Noon

Mission Statement

The mission of Meeks Bay Fire Protection District is to be responsive to the needs of the people of our District  with a progressive organization that provides the community with fire prevention, suppression, rescue and life safety, and emergency medical services  in a competent and professional manner.

Values Statement

Integrity ~ Loyalty ~ Pride ~ Professionalism ~ Service ~ Teamwork ~ Vision

We, the members of the Meeks Bay Fire Protection District, in carrying out our mission, hereby make a commitment to...

  • Integrity - Exercise honesty, self-discipline, and behave in a manner above reproach.

  • Loyalty - Without exception, express our loyalty to:
    • The Citizens of the Meeks Bay Fire Protection District (our customers);
    • Our Fire District;
    • Each Other; and
    • The Fire Service

  • Pride - Evidence pride and enthusiasm that is won through our daily efforts.

  • Professionalism - Strive to maintain our highest level of performance through leadership, dedication, cooperation, education, training and technology.

  • Service - Provide a high quality of service by seeking to first understand and, in turn, meet the needs of the community in a fair, consistent, and effective manner.

  • Teamwork - Accomplish common goals by all individuals working together.

  • Vision - Accurately anticipate the changing needs of the community and to successfully meet those needs.

To register your cell phone for emergency notifications, go to:
El Dorado County Sheriff
then scroll down toward the bottom of the page to:
Register your phone to the new EDSO-OES Alert Notification System.